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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 31, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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and we're always online at until tomorrow night, then, good night, america. >> dicky: up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- danny mcbride. >> jimmy: it's a good thing they haven't figured out sell-o-vision out. "two and a half men" will be in the audience. >> dicky: sara ramirez. and music from duran duran. >> jimmy: remember when your parents told you to finish your dinner because children in china 3!
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with my pals from the show, in one of greyhaund's brand new fleet. and i have to say, this is the most relaxing trip we've ever had. why do you think that is, guillermo? ♪ go, go, go, greyhound they have a whole new fleet ♪ ♪ so comfortable with more legroom and these leather seats ♪ >> jimmy: you were good, cousin sal. you were not -- ♪ free, free, free wi-fi comes with every ride ♪ ♪ and none of the hassles that come along when you fly or drive ♪ >> jimmy: when did you guys rehearse this song?
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♪ plug, plug, plug plug-ins for your electronic device ♪ ♪ greyhound's terrific now, cletones, please play us a song that's nice ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: as you can see, we're very talented. >> dicky: sit back, relax and let greyhound take you where you need to go in style and comfort. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with sara ramirez, music from duran duran and danny mcbride. you don't have the largest selection of games on any phone. from your favorite classics ... to the latest and greatest. and you don't have game center. where you can find your friends wherever they are ... challenge them to a game .. and play head to head ... to head. yup. if you don't have an iphone... well, you don't have an iphone.
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the best decision for your family. get guarantees for the if in life. from metlife. call 1-888-metlife for your free quote with no pressure or obligation. what makes a hershey's bar pure? ["melt with you" playing] pure fun. pure joy. pure delicious chocolate. pure hershey's. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- danny mcbride. from "grey's anatomy", sara ramirez. and music from duran duran. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, if no one objects, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good, everyone's here. thank you, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. i thank you for watching. i thank you for coming and for your -- hey, let's really get to know each other tonight. this gentleman, where are you from? >> chicago. >> jimmy: all right. okay, good. well, that's, we've learned enough. welcome. sometimes it's best to keep a little distance. is anyone here a fan of babies? [ applause ] most people hate babies, but -- there's a clip on the internet, it's great. getting a lot of attention. you have probably seen it. baby with a nail gun versus baby with a blow torch? no. twin baby boys have a conversation, part two. don't worry.
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you don't need to have seen part one to understand what's going on. in fact, unless you speak fluent baby you won't understand what's going on at all. [ babies yelling ] >> jimmy: isn't that cute? [ applause ] it's what i hear when i watch fox news. i've watched that, like, 30 times today. what goes through their heads? do you think they think they're
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talking? are they imitating their parents? do their parents wear diapers in the kitchen? and more to the point what would these babies sound like if they were guests on the maury povich show? >> i wanted to make a family with him. we started having kids and it started to deteriorate out of nowhere because of her. >> you a rat looking for cheese! [ bleep ]. >> look at the oompa loompa. >> what is that? >> that bitch right there! >> jimmy: now -- [ applause ] speaking of babies, those kids are super cute. but i have a new all-time favorite baby. he's a 3-year-old named luhao,
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he lives in china, and he weighs a lot. 132 pounds. at 3. the chinese are now beating us in fat kids, too. here he is with his father. his mother has to be dead, right? i mean -- that's -- that's about unsurvivable delivery. lou has been banned because they consider him a danger to other children. he's a danger to the world food supply. he's a danger to the sun. most 3-year-olds that weigh 132 pounds live in a tank at sea world. here's lou on the telephontelep. you can paint him black and white and stick him in the panda exhibit and no one would have any idea he wasn't the real thing. here he is having a snack. remember when your parents told you to finish your dinner because children in china are starving? that wasn't's not going to work anymore. [ applause ]
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i'm filing the adoption papers and guillermo, you're about to get a baby brother. >> all right. >> jimmy: very good. back here in the united states, where everyone is skinny, a new episode of "american idol" tonight. i figured out tonight who i'm going to root for. i'm rooting for whichever contestant doesn't make their number out of their fingers. you know when they do this? i don't like. that your number is on the screen. we can see it. we don't need shadow puppets, too. the contestants performed the songs of the great elton john. and that's probably the biggest down side of being a living legend, because eventually a group of teenagers are going to ruin your songs on national television. one of the girls did a reggae version of "i'm still standing," which probably won't be the case for her tomorrow night. steven tyler, by the way, likes every performance. he did not say one bad thing -- he has nothing negative to say, which makes him a great grandpa, but not such a good judge.
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because the judges saved casey abrams the kid with the beard, the top 11 performs again tonight. the judges only get one save per season which means they can no longer keep the contestants from going home, though steven still has the right to send a contestant to his trailer. but they cannot keep them on the show. and with that said, it's time for -- you would think we would run out of these, but that is not the case -- it's time for another edition of steven tyler's creepy leer of the night. >> you keep singing like that and you'll be able to afford the rest of that dress. [ applause ] >> jimmy: he's not even trying to pretend anymore, it's -- it's scary enough being on tv singing in front of millimeters of people. you really need a horny old cat lady ogling you on top of it? this year, after the show is over, "idol" is doing something different.
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normally they only take the top ten on their summer tour. this year, they are taking the top 11. so, they're really stepping on the gas this season. but don't worry. even if your favorite singer didn't make the cut, you will get a chance to see them live this summer, too. >> this summer, the top 11 finalists hit the road for "american idol" live. and so do the bottom 246. it's the "american idol" b-team tour. featuring your favorite contestants who didn't make the cut. matthew frankel. >> what what? >> and 242 more, live. at applebee's in kentucky. a-1 fireworks stand, stubbs, north carolina. and the gonzalez family rec room in bakersfield. they're not going to hollywood, but they are coming to your town. the "american idol" b-team tour. call ticket crapper now. >> just because somebody farts,
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let them finish singing, okay? [ applause ] >> jimmy: can't argue with that. you cannot in good conscience argue with that. have you heard about the egyptian cobra that's gone missing from the bronx zoo in new york? on friday, if you don't know, a 20-inch egyptian cobra disappeared. the zoo shut down the reptile house. they believe the snake is in the house. i wish i lived in the bronx. this could be the setup for the best april fools' day prank ever. i'm starting to think every city should have a deadly cobra on the loose. a great way to make sure your kid boss your homework. you know, if you don't, i'm going to take you to the zoo. maybe the cobra just wants some alone time. has anyone considered that? they're looking for him. the staff is trying to capture him using traps with live mice. i don't know if they've tried blowing into a flute and hoping the cobra would go into the w k
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wicker basket. apparently people are still going to the zoo, though -- i would not. if i was in charge, if i knew there was a deadly cobra somewhere, i would burn the zoo down and start all over again. i would build a new zoo that was cobra-free. because i'm a doer. and a burner downer. this is fun. there's a house in wales that is masquerading as one of the most terrible murderers in the history of the world. >> there's a house in wales which has gained some internet notoriety for holding a striking resemblance to adolf hitler. hundreds of thousands have viewed the photograph of the house on twitter. >> jimmy: that's him, all right. probably where the cobra is hiding. the hitler house. some bad news for charlie sheen. his live show, which he's calling the my violent torpedo of truth/defeat is not an option tour starts on saturday in
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detroit but there's a lot of unsold tickets left. apparently people aren't excited about being hit with a violent torpedo of truth. the news reports were the show sold out in minutes, tickets on stub hub are reportly selling for half face value. turns out two and a half men is the name of his tv show and the number of people who will be in the audience. he's the spider-man the musical of people. according to "entertainment weekly," more than 1250 seats are still available at the fox theater in detroit, which, of course there are empty seats, especially with the way the economy is going in detroit. why buy a $50 ticket when you can wait for a homeless guy to tell you that the government implanted a chip in his brain for free. i feel like it's my fault -- he kissed me and the bottom fell out. sarah palin continues to make significant contributions to the english language. she was on fox news, speand shes
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talking about the speech president obama gave about libya and gifted us with a brand new word. >> you know, another big question that has to be asked is, are we at war? i haven't heard the president say that we are at war and that's why i, too, am not knowing, do we use the term intervention, do we use war, do we use squirmish -- >> jimmy: i don't know -- squirmish is how i feel every time imhear you talk. [ applause ] here's something that i'm going to get sarah palin is not going to buy for her children. perez hilton has written a children's book. a company called ed celebr-book has published it. the first title he pitched to them was called "the very slutty
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caterpillar." the publishers didn't like that. so, then, "good night moon, you skank." finally "everyone poops and i've got the pictures." they had trouble getting legal clearance for the pictures. probably for the best. one more thing. this is a story from india. a state in western india has banned a new book about gandhi after early reviews say the book imflips that gandhi had a homosexual relationship with a man, of all things. the author claims this is a misunderstanding, because gandhi was celebrate, because he couldn't be straight or gay, i guess. but what was more surprising to me was that the revelation that gandhi is, in fact, the man who invented the snuggie. and he did early work on pajama jeans, too. gandhi was a great man who means a lot to millions of people.
12:18 am
but obviously, you know, this is a touchy subject, especially because that kind of activity wasn't legal in india until two years ago. some people are upset. we want to hand this carefully. we thought it would be best to get our jokes directly from our outsourced joke team. we have a team in india. can we get them up on the screen. hi, guys. are you there? >> hello -- >> jimmy: i'm not calling about angry birds, it's jimmy kimmel. >> oh, "jimmy kimmel live"f1 occ how may i help you? >> jimmy: maybe you heard about the new book that says gandhi was gay. i was wondering if you had any jokes for me on that. >> gandhi is a revered icon of our people. >> yes, it's true. >> he fought for our independence from tyranny with nonviolence and conviction. >> jimmy: i understand, i apologize.
12:19 am
i didn't mean to offend you. >> let me ask you something. do you even know what gandhi went on his hunger strike? >> jimmy: probably not to lose weight so i'd say -- well, oh, to protest the britdish occupation of india. >> no. because his boyfriend hated the taste of curry on his genitals. >> jimmy: you did get me. you know, they always get me. thank you, guys. we have a good show tonight. from "grey's anatomy," sara ramirez is here. we have music from duran duran. and we'll be right back with danny mcbride, to stick around. we at bud light, like most advertisers,
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>> jimmy: thank you. thank you for watching. i'm about to get medieval on your you know what. on our show tonight, a very talented woman who you can see both suture and sing on tomorrow night's episode of "grey's anatomy," sara ramirez is here. and then, music from this, this is their 13th album, if you can believe it or not. it's called "all you need is now," one of the biggest pop bands ever. duran duran from the bud light outdoor stage. tomorrow night, join us with david beckham, wes craven and have music from sum 41. our first guest tonight is a very, very funny man. he might even be too funny. you know him from "pineapple express," "tropic thunder" and as kenny powers from "eastbound
12:25 am
& down" on hbo. his new movie, about a stoner prince, is called "your highness." it opens in theatres april 8th. all hail, his royalness, sir daniel mcbride. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, look at that. how are you? >> you look really good. >> jimmy: thank you. that was quite an entrance. it seems like you were born on a
12:26 am
horse. you are so comfortable on the animal. >> that heroic dismount. i've been practicing that all day. >> jimmy: is that your steed? >> yes, i just bought him from a small man. i drove him here. >> jimmy: and what is his name, the steed? >> his name is rocket. >> jimmy: rocket? >> because he's so quick. he's fast. >> jimmy: we saw. he practically leaped out here. very good to see you. can you remind me, or tell me why you have asked me to dress like this? >> i thought this was your idea. you didn't -- i was wearing this because i was going to be on the horse and i'm terrified of horses. >> jimmy: there's no reason -- >> no reason. >> jimmy: i can barely hear anything you're saying for no reason? how about that? well, that is dumb. let me just try to put this. that looks natural, doesn't it? okay. yeah, perfect. >> you look good. >> jimmy: first of all, may i say that i went to see "your
12:27 am
highness" and i laughed like a maniac from the whole movie. i thought it was fantastic. i think it's going to be a very big hit. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] it's starting to smell like horse in here. but you've got -- you god wizards, dragons, you've got dwarfs, everything anybody could ask for. you got a mull let in the movie. >> a mullet. very reminiscence of mel gibson in "lethal weapon." >> jimmy: was that a fashion choice or for accuracy? >> historical accuracy. >> jimmy: you know what, that's the one thing about you. the details are so important. >> stickler for details. >> jimmy: right down to the jeans an vans. where did you shoot the film? >> in northern ireland. >> jimmy: was it fun shooting there? >> it was a great time. my only problem with northern ireland is there not big into
12:28 am
tequila there. >> jimmy: do they really not have it there? >> not a lot. i went all over looking in all the different bars because i had nothing else to do. i went to this one bar and they had one bottle of patron. i was like, thank god. the guy pulled it off and just -- smoke came off of the top. i worked here for seven years, i've never served one shot of this. >> jimmy: missing out. >> by the time we left, every bar in town was stocking it. >> jimmy: you're like the ambassador from mexico. i understand there was a big sporting event going on over there while you were over there? >> yes, we were lucky enough to be in belfast when the international world dwarf games was happening. >> jimmy: that's almost like a miracle that you would be there when that's happening. >> unbelievable. >> jimmy: it really is. did you time it, did you plan that? >> i would have if i would have known. we were -- it was one of those things, fate just was very kind. >> jimmy: i would so much rather
12:29 am
see that than the regular olympics. >> it was incredible. you know, we had little people in this film, as well. >> jimmy: of course you do. it's in the contract rider. >> and we were always walking around the set. i was trying to be very cautious not to insult anyone or say anything that would be insulting or hurt anyone's feelings and these guys are just going nuts. >> jimmy: the dwarfs? >> they would hit on every single girl in there with stuff you would never get away with. >> jimmy: what do they say? >> i mean, they're just bold. i probably can't say the things that some of these guys were saying. the girls go with it because, what are they going to do? >> jimmy: yeah, you have to -- it's a dwarf. you have to take it with a spirit of comedy. >> and it kind of cute, too. >> jimmy: are you kidding? it's adorable. i'm surprised you didn't bring one home. you do have dwarfs in a lot of your endeavors, don't you? in "eastbound & down."
12:30 am
do you work with him behind the scenes, too? >> of course, yes. >> jimmy: well, you have to. this accent that you do in the movie, is it fair to do that? >> it depends. you know, i wouldn't call it a british accent. it's more orless like some middle earth kind of fantasy accent mixed with a little spoiled brat. but believe it or not we had a dialect coach on the set to make sure that -- he's going to take a leak any second. >> jimmy: i've been keeping one eye on this horse because he has like metal shoes on and one of them is falling off. i feel like somebody is going to get kicked -- >> what's happening? >> jimmy: you were wrong. >> woo! you were wrong. he didn't -- he didn't take a leak. >> i was feeding him burritos before we came in here. >> jimmy: oh, that's -- oh my god -- >> it smells good. >> jimmy: it's terrible.
12:31 am
? yeah. that's an after dinner -- that's delicious. >> jimmy: it is terrible. i have a picture of you -- is this -- is this from when you were taking a horseback riding lesson? >> that's from the first time i was riding a horse. >> jimmy: oh, my god. i'm going to put my mask on backwards. maybe this is a good time to set up the clip so we can inhale. >> okay, let's inhale. this -- this is a fantasy movie. we're on an epic quest to save my brother's bride to be and my brother is played by james franco and on our quest we meet natalie portman who is also on her own quest of revenge and of course i try to hit on her. >> jimmy: of course. >> and -- >> jimmy: the movie is called "your highness." take a look. >> what is your problem? you cannot enjoy yourself for one moment? >> my quest affords me no luxury. >> not even on a tender night like this? with the moon glimmering? >> on a night just like this i returned home from a hunt to find a blood bath. nothing remained of my six
12:32 am
beloved brothers. i wear this bracelet forged of the steel of their shields as a constant reminder of my vow to avenge them. >> my only advice would be to keep your head up, hang in there, live every day to the fullest, have sex as much as you can by campfire when you're all alone and your brother is out gathering wood. just simple things like that. >> jimmy: that's really good advice, actually. if you are just joining us, something very bad happened in the studio. >> i didn't know if you gave me this because you wanted me to wipe the horse. just to protect me -- >> jimmy: you don't need to wipe the horse. natalie portman, this is -- coming off the "black swan" and oscar nomination, how did you get her to be in this? >> when i heard she was interested, i wrote this and it's a filthy movie. >> jimmy: it really is. >> it's disturbing. and i was embarrassed when i found out she wanted to read it. i told the director, we should
12:33 am
cut this bad stuff out. i don't want her to think less of me. he said, no, we have to let her know what she's in for. >> jimmy: you wrote this movie with your buddy, right? >> yeah, with ben best who is one of the creators of "eastbound & down." [ applause ] >> jimmy: there's a lot -- speaking of that, this is -- the show is -- i know, it's disorienting. it's a good thing -- i'm glad they figured 3d out but it's a good thing they haven't figured smell-o-vision out. are you getting that in the front row? >> it's heavy, right? >> jimmy: yeah. but "eastbound & down" is coming back for a third season? >> thank you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: is this really going to be the last season, though? >> when we set the show up we always wanted to keep it very small and compact, you know, not give people a chance to get tired of it so we imagined it as a three-season show but you know, we have a really good time working on it so who knows. >> jimmy: can you give us any
12:34 am
hint as to what is going to happen in the upcoming season? >> well, it all takes place in myrtle beach, south carolina. if anyone has been there, you know anything can happen. >> jimmy: i heard that nothing really happens in myrtle beach. >> it's incredible. >> jimmy: well, you know what, i have to say, this has not been my favorite of your appearances. >> but we're protected. >> jimmy: next time come in on one of those segues or something. >> probably wouldn't smell as bad. >> jimmy: and i can barely hear anything you're saying -- >> just tivo, watch it later. >> jimmy: i will say that, well, this movie is very funny, it's hilarious, as a matter of fact. and you should go see, it's called "your highness," it opens april 8th. danny mcbride, everybody. we'll be right back with sara ramirez. [ male announcer ] there's a place where everyone feels at home. where the company, the conversation, and the food
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>> jimmy: hi there, we are back. still to come on the show, duran duran will be here. every time we have an animal, that happens. every time there's an animal on the show we could have a goldfish and that happens. it's very rude. and i want you to know, rest assured that animal will be destroyed. hey, look what it did! our next guest is a multi-talented actress, who won a tony for her performance in the musical "spamalot" and lends
12:40 am
her golden larynx to a special musical episode "grey's anatomy." you can watch it tomorrow night at 9:00 here on abc. please say hello to sara ramirez. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i hope those aren't your good heels. >> it smells dleshs in here. >> jimmy: it does. a combination of simple green and the farm. >> very organic. >> jimmy: good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> jimmy: this is a big episode tomorrow. and this has got to be, for you, being on the cast and all of a sudden they come, did everyone decide there would be singing or -- >> i mean, it was offered up, i think. eventually it was just not really right for some characters to sing in the story line but
12:41 am
everybody was offered the opportunity. we had a vie call coach. >> jimmy: when you say it -- that it wasn't right for everyone to sing, that means some of the actors are terrible singers? >> no. we have great singers on the cast. >> jimmy: did you know that before hand? didn't know. in fact, i was really inspired and i really admire people for showing up. singing can be confronting. it can be intimidating if you have never done it before. people showed up, they worked through it. we have really great singers. the music event is exciting, one, because we're using songs from the first three seasons of "grey's anatomy." songs that we put on the map. and music has always been a really important, almost another character on the show. so it's just a really great opportunity. i was excited because i've been a singer. >> jimmy: you know you can get in there, it's like if kareem abdul-jabbar was on the show, and we're going to have a game of basketball here. anybody want to play? >> it was exciting. of course the first reaction
12:42 am
from a lot of people was like, oh, my god, i hope it doesn't suck and it's not cheesy and horrible, you know? but eventually, obviously, i absolutely was excited to be apart of it and, yes, please. i want to sing, absolutely. and -- >> jimmy: because you won a tony for singing. in fact, i have a review here. [ applause ] "the new york times" reviewed your performance and said you were a quote toothsome devour of scenery who, quote, knows how to send up vintage performance styles until they go into orbit. what does that mean? >> i don't know. i don't read reviews. it's like -- i don't read them. >> jimmy: you really don't? i would have that memorized and put on my headstone. >> seriously? good for you. >> jimmy: i guess, yeah. but i mean, if "the new york times" gives you such a great review -- >> it's great. it's absolutely great. "spa "spamalot" was incredible. i was directed by mike nichols
12:43 am
who is this incredible director. >> jimmy: he's the greatest. >> and then eric idle, amazing. such a great opportunity. >> jimmy: how long did you do that show? >> about a year. we started in chicago and then opened on broadway, and -- it was great. >> jimmy: was it like spider-man? were people getting hurt all the time? >> yeah, all over the place. yeah, no, i mean, there were mishaps, i mean, at one point, my character, the lady of the lake was supposed to come out from under the stage and it didn't work that night and i'm standing there with my ensemble of women and holding a really heavy gown and we're supposed to come up the elevator, you know, rising and the thing didn't work and we're like -- and so we all ran off, ran up, like, three sets of stairs, like, getting to the stage, ran on and there was this big square hole in the stage because the elevator was new york working. that was kind of scary. the only time ingot hurt was when i was actually getting an
12:44 am
award at city hall and i was wearing flats and i was sober, there was no excuse. there was no excuse. and i ended up screwing up my right ankle. >> jimmy: you got hurt receiving an award? >> i was on my way out, actually. >> jimmy: best time to do it. >> yeah, but then my doctor ended up being the guy that i shadowed in the o.r. when i was -- >> jimmy: really? >> when i was negotiating "grey's anatomy." they had come to me, said, hey, do you want to do a seven-episode arc on the abc network and that's a dream come true for an actor, of course, right? you're like, yeah. but at the same time, you don't really know where it's going to go, so you just kind of -- >> jimmy: do you feel like you learned anything, though, following the doctor around? >> no, not really. nothing at all. >> jimmy: guys will go on ride alongs with the police and there's still a script there. it's not like you're going to be called in to maybe do an operation. >> no, no.
12:45 am
i mean, it was exciting. it was bloody. i'm into that stuff. >> jimmy: you are? >> i'm a little morbid that way. i want to look at operations. he did a shoulder replacement, a knee replacement, i mean, construction, like, they are just hammering stuff and -- >> jimmy: yhave you always been like that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you think you might grow up to a be serial killer one day? >> who knows. >> jimmy: could have been a lot worse. you're in, like, a love triangle on the show. but it's not the typical love triangle. because you're in a love triangle with a man and a woman. >> yes. >> jimmy: congratulations on that. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] >> jimmy: those are my favorite kind. >> are they really? yeah, it's pretty interesting. callie is involved with a woman named arizona and when they broke up she got pregnant with her best friend mark and arizona returned and, 0 okay, now what. they got back together and they are arguing in the car and over
12:46 am
mark and his involvement in their lives and that's are we ended up last episode last week and so tomorrow night is the music event where we see whapgs next and it's exciting. i mean, the music even has been a great opportunity to develop myself as a music artist so i actually released my first e.p. on itunes this past sunday and i decided -- >> jimmy: first one? >> my first one, yeah. there's four songs on it. my friend helped produce it. the fourth song is called "the story" and it is a song that my character sings tomorrow night in the music event. really exciting. and jessica on the show is great to work with. it is always funny because we're playing, you know, this couple and recently, well, awhile back we were doing a scene where we were dancing and it wasn't one of those kind of dancing, which we are done before, like, hey, this was one of those slow ones
12:47 am
that's, you know, just -- and we were trying to, like, figure out as two female actors, where do my hands go, do i, you know, because, you're kind of trying to figure out where your hands go and immediately took me back to eighth grade summer camp and you know how at the end of summer camp they do the dance -- >> jimmy: what? >> the dance at the end of the -- >> jimmy: i didn't go to camp. >> again, congratulations. all the girls are on one side, and i was the wall flower, i was ten feet tall and nobody was going to ask me to dance but this one guy who was so great. he asked me to dance. you know that, awkward thing -- can i show you? >> jimmy: yeah. >> where is guillermo? oh, yeah. this is -- this is exactly --
12:48 am
this is exactly what it was like. this is exactly what it was like. you are trying to figure out. it's more like that because you are -- as the girl, you are like, okay. the girl is usually looking at her friends and she's like -- >> jimmy: guillermo, it seems like you are trying to get a merit badge. >> and the guy is being cool. i got this. the awkwardness of it all. >> jimmy: doesn't seem awkward at all. >> thank you, guillermo. >> jimmy: sara ramirez, everybody. "grey's anatomy" airs thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. on abc. we'll be right back with duran duran. when a job calls for more muscle than a drill
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